Villa Chalice Compote

Villa Chalice Compote-Global Views-GVSA-3.31803-BowlsLarge-Terracotta-1-France and Son
Villa Chalice Compote-Global Views-GVSA-3.31803-BowlsLarge-Terracotta-2-France and Son
Villa Chalice Compote-Global Views-GVSA-3.31804-BowlsSmall-Terracotta-3-France and Son
Villa Chalice Compote-Global Views-GVSA-3.31803-BowlsLarge-Terracotta-4-France and Son
Villa Chalice Compote-Global Views-GVSA-3.31810-BowlsLarge-Matte White-5-France and Son
Villa Chalice Compote-Global Views-GVSA-3.31811-BowlsSmall-Matte White-6-France and Son

Villa Chalice Compote

Sale price $696.00 CAD
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  • We ship to Toronto, Quebec and the surrounding area.
  • Voted #1 For Interior Designers
  • Dimensions: 
    • Large: Overall 13.75"H x 18.25"Dia. (24.1 lbs)
    • Small: Overall 12.25"H x 14.25"Dia. (14.1 lbs)
  • Materials: Clay

The Villa Chalice Vases are meticulously crafted from Italian terracotta clay. Artisans hand-pack the clay into molds through a process called Calco. Each mold is then left to dry for 2-3 days, during which the clay naturally shrinks, making it easy to remove the mold. The vases are then transferred to a kiln and fired at 950 degrees, resulting in pieces that can grace your space both indoors and outdoors, bringing timeless elegance to any setting.

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