Bowls and Dishes

151 products

    151 products
    Abyss Plate-Cyan Design-CYAN-05362-Decor-1-France and Son
    Abyss Decorative Plate
    $1,642.00 CAD
    Aster Plate Rack-Cyan Design-CYAN-05648-Decor-1-France and Son
    Aster Plate Rack
    $61.00 CAD
    Azul Collection-Accent Decor-ACCENT-51330-DecorPlatter-1-France and Son
    Azul Collection-Accent Decor-ACCENT-51330-DecorPlatter-2-France and Son
    Azul Collection
    from $28.00 CAD
    Ball Footed Bowl - Large-Global Views-GVSA-6.60616-Bowls-1-France and Son
    Ball Footed Bowl-Global Views-GVSA-6.60616-BowlsLarge-2-France and Son
    Ball Footed Bowl
    from $382.00 CAD
    Sold Out
    Bang Bowl, Fiber Cement-Noir-NOIR-AR-51FC-Bowls-1-France and Son
    Bang Bowl, Fiber Cement
    $884.80 CAD
    Bedouin Bowl Large (Brass)-Regina Andrew Design-RAD-20-1202-Bowls-1-France and Son
    Bedouin Bowl Large (Brass)-Regina Andrew Design-RAD-20-1202-Bowls-2-France and Son
    Bedouin Bowl Large (Brass)
    $252.00 CAD
    Bedouin Bowl Platform (Brass)-Regina Andrew Design-RAD-20-1204-Bowls-1-France and Son
    Bedouin Bowl Platform (Brass)
    $287.00 CAD
    Bedouin Bowl Small (Brass)-Regina Andrew Design-RAD-20-1203-Bowls-1-France and Son
    Bedouin Bowl Small (Brass)-Regina Andrew Design-RAD-20-1203-Bowls-2-France and Son
    Bedouin Bowl Small (Brass)
    $217.00 CAD
    Bentley Bowl Large-Regina Andrew Design-RAD-20-1497-Bowls-1-France and Son
    Bentley Bowl Large
    $332.00 CAD
    Sold Out
    Beto Banded Bowl-Four Hands-FH-228608-002-Decor-1-France and Son
    Beto Banded Bowl-Four Hands-FH-228608-002-Decor-2-France and Son
    Beto Banded Bowl
    $321.00 CAD
    Bolivar Bowl-Cyan Design-CYAN-10632-Decor-1-France and Son
    Bolivar Bowl-Cyan Design-CYAN-10632-Decor-2-France and Son
    Bolivar Bowl
    $364.00 CAD
    Bough Bowl-Cyan Design-CYAN-09823-Decor-1-France and Son
    Bough Bowl
    $270.00 CAD
    Bowl Avance-Eichholtz-Eichholtz-112576-Bowls-1-France and Son
    Bowl Avance-Eichholtz-Eichholtz-112576-Bowls-2-France and Son
    Bowl Avance
    $385.00 CAD
    Bowl Clemence vintage brass finish-Eichholtz-EICHHOLTZ-115637-Bowls-1-France and Son
    Bowl Clemence vintage brass finish-Eichholtz-EICHHOLTZ-115637-Bowls-2-France and Son
    Bowl Clemence vintage brass finish
    $560.00 CAD
    Bowl Moca-Eichholtz-EICHHOLTZ-117198-BowlsWhite marble-1-France and Son
    Bowl Moca-Eichholtz-EICHHOLTZ-117198-BowlsWhite marble-2-France and Son
    Bowl Moca
    $560.00 CAD
    Bowl Sion vintage brass finish-Eichholtz-EICHHOLTZ-116039-Bowls-1-France and Son
    Bowl Sion vintage brass finish-Eichholtz-EICHHOLTZ-116039-Bowls-2-France and Son
    Bowl Sion vintage brass finish
    $507.00 CAD
    Bowl Triada Pink Glass-Eichholtz-Eichholtz-112570-Bowls-1-France and Son
    Bowl Triada Pink Glass-Eichholtz-Eichholtz-112570-Bowls-2-France and Son
    Bowl Triada
    from $298.00 CAD
    Braganza Basin-Port 68-PORT-ACCS-330-04-BowlsJewel Basin-1-France and Son
    Braganza Basin-Port 68-PORT-ACCS-330-05-BowlsBlue Basin-2-France and Son
    Braganza Basin
    $613.00 CAD
    Broken Egg Bowl-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH67549-Decor-1-France and Son
    Broken Egg Bowl-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH67549-Decor-2-France and Son
    Broken Egg Bowl
    $1,230.60 CAD
    Bubble Glass Bowl-Phillips Collection-PHIL-ID74541-DecorLarge-1-France and Son
    Bubble Glass Bowl-Phillips Collection-PHIL-ID74541-DecorLarge-2-France and Son
    Bubble Glass Bowl
    from $278.60 CAD
    Burled Bowl-Phillips Collection-PHIL-M011012-DecorI-Dark Faux Wood-1-France and Son
    Burled Bowl-Phillips Collection-PHIL-M011012-DecorI-Dark Faux Wood-2-France and Son
    Burled Bowl
    from $446.60 CAD
    Cashmere Glass Charger-Global Views-GVSA-7.10629-Decorative ObjectsLg-1-France and Son
    Cashmere Glass Charger-Global Views-GVSA-7.10629-Decorative ObjectsLg-2-France and Son
    Cashmere Glass Charger
    from $696.00 CAD
    Cast Onyx Bowl-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH103572-BowlsSmall-Silver-1-France and Son
    Cast Onyx Bowl-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH103722-BowlsSmall-Cream-2-France and Son
    Cast Onyx Bowl
    from $586.60 CAD
    Centro Wood Bowl-Four Hands-FH-223770-001-DecorIvory-1-France and Son
    Centro Wood Bowl-Four Hands-FH-223770-001-DecorIvory-2-France and Son
    Centro Wood Bowl
    $559.00 CAD
    Charbin Bowl - White-Elk Home-ELK-H0627-10910-Bowls-1-France and Son
    Charbin Bowl - White-Elk Home-ELK-H0627-10910-Bowls-2-France and Son
    Charbin Bowl - White
    $182.00 CAD
    Chiseled Block Bowl-White Marble-Global Views-GVSA-9.93404-Decor-1-France and Son
    Chiseled Block Bowl-White Marble-Global Views-GVSA-9.93404-Decor-2-France and Son
    Chiseled Block Bowl-White Marble
    $906.00 CAD
    Tiffany Collection Cloud Gray 19" Marble Bowl
    Circular Dessert Stand 12"
    $840.00 CAD
    Clam Shell Bowl-Cyan Design-CYAN-02799-Decor-1-France and Son
    Clam Shell Bowl
    $539.00 CAD
    Clearly Thorough Bowl Clear-Cyan Design-CYAN-10892-Bowls-1-France and Son
    Clearly Thorough Bowl Clear-Cyan Design-CYAN-10892-Bowls-2-France and Son
    Clearly Thorough Bowl Clear I
    $1,134.00 CAD
    Contemporary Nickel and Black Bowl, Large-The Howard Elliott Collection-HOWARD-41037-Bowls-1-France and Son
    Contemporary Nickel and Black Bowl, Large-The Howard Elliott Collection-HOWARD-41037-Bowls-2-France and Son
    Contemporary Nickel and Black Bowl, Large
    $454.00 CAD
    Coral Reef Bowl Large-Regina Andrew Design-RAD-20-1030-Bowls-1-France and Son
    Coral Reef Bowl Large
    $542.00 CAD
    Cottage Bowl Set of 3-Currey-CURY-1200-0466-BowlsNatural/Black-2-France and Son
    Cottage Bowl Set of 3
    $197.00 CAD
    Sold Out
    Coupe Shaped Bowl-Global Views-GVSA-20-Bowls-1-France and Son
    Coupe Shaped Bowl
    $172.00 CAD
    Creased Rolled Bowl-Global Views-GVSA-CLL9.90055-Bowls-1-France and Son
    Creased Rolled Bowl-Global Views-GVSA-CLL9.90055-Bowls-2-France and Son
    Creased Rolled Bowl
    $416.00 CAD
    Crewel Summer Bowl-Port 68-PORT-ACCS-351-02-Bowls-1-France and Son
    Crewel Summer Bowl
    $613.00 CAD
    Danica Bowl-Cyan Design-CYAN-10493-DecorSmall-1-France and Son
    Danica Bowl-Cyan Design-CYAN-10493-DecorSmall-2-France and Son
    Danica Bowl
    $172.00 CAD
    Dasher Bowl-Accent Decor-ACCENT-78370-DecorSmall-1-France and Son
    Dasher Bowl-Accent Decor-ACCENT-78370-DecorSmall-2-France and Son
    Dasher Bowl
    from $24.00 CAD
    Dripping Charger - Emerald-Global Views-GVSA-1.10948-Decorative Objects-1-France and Son
    Dripping Charger - Emerald
    $592.00 CAD
    Emerson Bowl-Four Hands-FH-223767-002-DecorEbony Black-Large-1-France and Son
    Emerson Bowl-Four Hands-FH-223767-001-DecorIvory-Large-2-France and Son
    Emerson Bowl
    $559.00 CAD
    Filigree Dream Container-Cyan Design-CYAN-06210-DecorLarge-1-France and Son
    Filigree Dream Container-Cyan Design-CYAN-06210-DecorLarge-2-France and Son
    Filigree Dream Container
    $50.00 CAD
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