Designers: Charles and Ray E

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Perhaps the most recognized household name in Modern Furniture design, Charles and Ray E's designs have appeared consistently on television, in corporate offices, and in almost every modern home for over a half a century. To go a day without seeing an E design would certainly be hard to accomplish. Husband and Wife Charles and Ray E were true pioneers of the modern design movement of the mid 1900's, and they collaborated together on more than modern furniture design and architecture; they were active in industrial and graphic design, fine art, film and television. Their influence knew no bounds. Their philosophy was that "Design is for living." This motto snowballed a monumental shift in design during the 40s and 50s. The pair's sleek and modern look was sophisticated, simple, and beautifully functional. They boldly experimented with new ideas and shapes with a sense of fun. However, it was through intense discipline and trials that they were able to achieve perfection of form and mastery over their materials. They combined imagination, art and science, to create some of the most influential designs of 20th century, and their furniture remains trendy, and functional today. As mentioned earlier, they ventured well outside the realms of furniture with their genius. They created a the innovative case study house as a response to a magazine contest, they made films, on of which was presented at the Moscow World's Fair in a dome designed by Buckminster Fuller. Additionally, they designed showrooms, invented toys for children and display, and made the world a more vibrant and interesting place to live.
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