Brands: M3LD

Brands: M3LD

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Over a decade ago, Andrea Beecher and Brian Garrett worked together as design consultants in a furniture store. They spent hours merchandising sexy little room displays, and dreaming together about designing their own furnishings and home décor. They had a similar aesthetic and a strong design point of view, but they figured that they’d never get it off the ground, because they didn’t know jack about manufacturing a product line. Thus, their dream remained little more than a warm glow in the back of their minds.

Fast forward to 2013, when their mutual friend Jason Frederick, a man with a flair for design in his own right, saw what Andrea and Brian were capable of. He knew that his business and product management experience could be just what they needed to make something beautiful happen. So he bolted an engine to their chassis, and it’s been pedal to the metal ever since.

Inspired by the geniuses of modern design, we at M3LD make uniquely elegant, sculptural home furnishings and accessories. Everything we make is completely original, designed in-house and manufactured to our super-picky specs. Our pieces explode ordinary furnishing concepts using unexpected forms and materials, to add just the right pow to any space.

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