Stop and Stair: The Best Ways to Bring Style to Your Stairs

For a multi-story home, the stairs are something you likely use every day. But do you ever really stop to look at the space around them? Staircases and stairwells are an oft forgotten about area when designing the interior. But a space that gets so much foot traffic deserves to look as nice as the rest of the house! Today we’re going to take a look at some easy ways to turn your staircase from boring to eye-catching.


The easiest way to spruce up your stairwell is by decorating the walls. Creating a gallery wall is a common way to add visual interest to the space. While many people use this area to show off family photos, any artwork will make a statement, and provide something nice to look at while walking up and down stairs. If planning out photo placement isn’t your thing you can always just paint the wall a bold color, or add a fun wallpaper. You can also increase visual interest by adding a wall treatment such as shiplap, faux brick, or moulding. If the stairway gets enough light you could even line the walls with plants.  


Another way to make your staircase shine is to decorate the steps themselves. The least permanent option is to have a patterned runner going down the stairs. This not only adds visual interest but can make the steps less slippery as well. Another way is to paint, wallpaper, or mosaic the steps. Even just within these categories there are plenty of options. With wallpaper you can create a photo going up the stairs. With paint you can create an ombre effect, or use chalkboard paint for always changing images or messages.  


The third way to create a stylish staircase is by paying attention to the ceiling. As with the walls you can paint or wallpaper the ceiling to create visual interest and bring a pop of color to the space. Another way is to use statement lighting. The stairway needs lighting for safe navigation at night, so why not use a bold pendant or chandelier to light the way? This option is both practical and an opportunity to really turn an often forgotten about space into a show-stopper.   Obviously you don’t have to do all three of these to create a stunning stairwell. Even just one of these will help up the style-factor of the space. The best part is that all of these can be used within the “rules” of whatever style the rest of your home is in. Whether farmhouse modern, mid-century, or traditional you can find an option to help your staircase stand out. It’s a little touch that will really help pull the space together.

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