Art Everywhere: Five Things to Frame and Hang as Art

All walls could use a little something to help them be less bare. Paintings, prints, photographs, and mirrors are the standards for adding visual interest to a wall. But what if you want something a little different? Or what if you’re just feeling a little thrifty? Luckily there are a lot of unique things, some that you may already have lying around, that you can frame. These pieces are sure to be conversation starters and will look just as nice as any traditional artwork you can buy.

Scarves and Handkerchiefs

It’s pretty easy to find lovely vintage scarves and handkerchiefs in thrift stores and at garage sales. They may need a little cleaning before being framed, but if you do so with care you’ll have a new work of art. These pieces are an easy way to add color and pattern to your wall in a way that’s not overwhelming. To frame scarves and handkerchiefs simply wrap the fabric around a piece of cardboard cut to fit the frame. If there’s too much extra fabric you may need to secure the loose edges down, but look for an adhesive that won’t damage the fabric. Place the fabric-covered cardboard inside the frame and replace the backing.  


You may not have thought of hanging origami on the walls since it’s a three-dimensional art form, but shadow boxes make it easy to move this artfully folded paper to the walls. With origami you can create scenes using animal shapes or just highlight a work you really love and are proud of. With so many different colors and patterns of origami paper available it’s easy to find something that suits your space, whether your looking for bold colors or something a little more subtle.  


If you’ve ever found a wallpaper that you love, but don’t think will work in an entire room this is a great option for you. Since you won’t need as much as you would for papering a whole wall it’s also a cheaper way to introduce color and patterns you enjoy. You could also use any leftover wallpaper you have from a project and frame it to hang in a different room of the home. Since wallpaper is meant to adhere to surfaces it’s easy to stick it in place and frame. You can even create collages with it if you’d like.  

Pressed Flowers/Botanicals

If you love flowers and greenery but don’t have much of a green thumb (or just don’t have good lighting available for plants) you can always bring some nature into your space by framing pressed foliage. You can mount the botanicals on cardboard/paper first for a more traditional look, or press them in floating frames for a more modern one. If you don’t trust your DIY skills you can find already pressed botanicals online.  

Burlap Sacks

For fans of modern farmhouse/rustic decor this will probably be your favorite option. Burlap is probably the fabric most associated with all things farm and rustic, but isn’t particularly comfortable, so it makes sense to use it as a wall decoration. If you buy coffee or grains in burlap sacks you can simply frame them similar to how you would the scarves after they’re empty. If not you can check farmers’ markets and thrift stores to try to find already empty ones. Once you’ve decided what you want to frame you can use the same rules that apply to more traditional artwork to determine where exactly you should hang it. Do you have any unique pieces hanging on your wall as artwork? We’d love to see it! Post below in the comments or share on Instagram using #HomeWithFranceAndSon.

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